Tuesday, March 29, 2005

US Sells F-16 To Pak

This news came last week...I just read this article on rediff on US Policy and what india Shud Do...
"lovely easter gift to india from the US.

moral: proliferate nukes, threaten us interests everywhere, be terror hub, and get rewarded for it. this has been north korea's experience, china's experience, saudi arabia's experience, and pakistan's experience.
suck up to the US, desperately crave its goodwill, allow its odious conversion machine to dictate terms to you, and get slapped on the face. this is india's experience.
simple solution for india: proliferate nuke and missile technology to anybody who wants it, especially taiwan and japan. this will immediately get american respect, much as pokhran-ii did."...
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Field Visit To A Farm Near Siwani-Malwa On 19th March Posted by Hello

Monday, March 28, 2005

India Lost!!!! :(

So…India again lost a match when they were expected to perform under pressure. There are so many questions to be asked & so many to be answered…why did India played only for a draw & not for a Win(when u have so called top class batsman of the world and that too all in form) & just now I read a news…”Laxman & Kumbale out of One Day Squad”…So can anybody tell me what Mr. Ganguly is doing in team…? I think He shud be given some rest & time to think , what his problem is.Let him play some domestic cricket & then he can again make a comeback.
Frm Pakistan’s point of view..they made a great comeback after losing 2nd test ant Kolkata…and the innings by Inzy & Yunus Khan were a pleasure to watch.
In my view man of the series shud have been shared between Sehwag & Yunus Khan.
Sehwag is really becoming Sachin for India…once there was atime when we used to sya..Sachin is gone…that means whole team is gone…the in last few years there were good performnacs frm everyone in the team and team no more depended upon Sachin & now…Its Sehwag…till he is in field runrate moves like anything. Pitch conditions, bowl condition. Lights, sight screen. Pressure…nothing hampers the sharpness of his bat…..!!

Now as one day series in ahead...let us see what India is going to do?
Added On April 1st
Got this in mail just now....
New Maggi Ad:---
  • Step 1: Boil one cup of water
  • Step 2: As soon as ganguly goes for batting, put the noodles in the boiled water and add the tastemaker.
  • Step 3: Stir till ganguly is on the field.
  • Step 4: As soon as ganguly is back in pavilion, your noodles r ready to eat.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Days to come....

Was thinking of changing the template since many days...but couldnt get time...even could not write anything here since midterms.This template is OK but i m still not satisfied..will try to change further in coming days.
btw....almost each prof has given loats of assignments.& April first week is going to be full of submissions and presentations...most deadlines are approaching and then there will be exams frn 11th..oh GOD!!!
At present the biggest headache is to decide OT...though it will be finalised on 8th April.....i m still unable to make up my mind whether which sector to choose..:(.I m Confuuuused a lot)
Also...seniors will be departing very soooon.Their last working day is 31st...Tomorrow we(juniors) r giving them farewell...
This saturday will again be consumed by another Field Work in FE...& this time it is 120 km away(total 240)...oh god..that means more then 7 hrs of journey.....Oops!!!
& then ....Holi is coming..planning to visit home again at Holi ;)...thats the advantage u get when u are near ur hometown...while in engineering it used to take me 16 hrs to reach home but now...its just 4 hrs away...:)).we r trying to reschedule classes of 28th..and hope Diro agrees to it.....

Thursday, March 03, 2005


So Midterms finished just now and i can breath easily..
Dont know how i performed in exams but "I should not look back". Rather see what is ahead of me...
I have to read a lot...watch some movies plus visit home.I missed a lot of Hungama on TV due to thses exams.First Assembly elections then Budget Discussion...but now i will make of all the losses :).
& its party time now. Finally seniors are giving placement party today that means lots of DJ dance+masti.....and that also means preparation of next party...thats farewell which we will give............... so again Dance+Masti...
So i seems i will have a very busy shedule for next week.Oops...forgot studies.. have to submit a lot of assignments next week... :( so will have to work... :(