Monday, April 25, 2005

Over To Bhuwaneshwar

So..i m here in Bhuwaneshwar, the Capital of Orissa, since Saturday.
nice city...but very humid..., temprature is not much , but humidity is like anything....Khoob Paseena Baha Raha hu :)

Anyway....Was free yeasterday, as it was sunday...utilised it inb roaming around in Bhuwaneshwar...saw some temples here...(will write detail abt that later) also saw the museum....but was not of much intrest to me.

The work for which , came here, started today. Met with Vasundhara as well as RCDC people and really...thos epeople are very cooperative...are helping in all the ways possible from library informations to arrangements in field....really thankful to them.

Will be moving to field tom oroow..oit is around overnight journey frm here(in Sambalpur District). Will be there till sunday and frm there only...will move to Korupet(RCDC field area)...will be there again for 1 week & then probably back to BBSR...dont knowabt that..

Will also have to take one day to visit Puri...cant lkeave that after coming so nera...hope get a call from there (Bhagawan Jagannath) :)....hope he ios listening..

i think will get net after 10-12 days now...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

My First Income

Today is last day at Delhi...atleat For Time being..wil leave for Bhuwaneshwar tomorrow.

The good thing for today is ...I got my first pay(more specifically it is stipend)....
Because i will be in field for around 50 days...those peole being generous have given me some advance from stipend and accomodation allowance and other expense(Total amount 16,700/- :D)..thats a good amount and i hope my coming days will pass happily..:)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

More From Delhi....

Today was my reporting day at Organisation....Got my project and location details.
So Have not to tolarate delhi for much time...Have to move to Bhuvaneshwar on 22nd .will be there till around 20 May.(dont hot will be that city in peak summers),from There will have to move to Shehdol in MP.
The "what i have to do in project" is that i will be studying the NTFP marketing models followed by some NGOs in Orrisa and works being done by them both at field as well as policy level and try to find their applicability in Shehdol Region of MP(or to suggest some suitable model).
Will be getting my tickets and some advance for 2 months :) by tomorrow but still have to stay in that "Kabootarkhana" of Paharganj :(......(thats what we call life)
Hope coming days will be good fuin and learning.

Monday, April 18, 2005


Writing this from a cyber cafe in Chandni Chowk.....

This is my second day in delhi for my first Summer training in PG and how tired i m..from Yesterday till today, i dont know how much kilometers i have travelled and how many times i have asked my way to people..and experienced a lot...OF DELHI.

Ask anybody abt any place...& the answer u will get..
"Bas yaha se seedhe nikal jao...aur aage thodi door jaake phir seedhe chale jaana." :) Not even a single person told to go left or right or turn back...

Firstly i had kept my luggage at Shreyas's Oraganisation's guest house but had to leave that in the evening only & then got this hotel at Paharganj.

Yeasterday..first we strolled at Nizamuddin Ralway Station for two hours to get his Honda Activa which he had booked frm bhopal...And dont forget two hours walk to different area around Nizamuuddin to purchase a helmet...had to walk arond 5-6 Kilometers.:(

The after getting the Gaddi we set out to search for my org..and what a address they have given..just the name of the street...we travelled arnd 30 kilometers & fortunately found the location...but the big task was remaining..we both had to go back to his guest house nad none of us knew where wre we had in which direction we had to againa sking an asking and after travelling 40 kilomerters for a distance which was actually 20 Kilometers and passing thru dont know what what streets...and may other know places like..Rashtrapati Bhawan, India Gate janpath Rajghat ..and so on...somehow reached back...

Then had to move back to Paharganj & finally found this Hotel where i m staying right now.

Free for today also ..just raoming arnd in the streets..went to Jama Masjid..lal Kila...and at presently at chandni Chowk...will see a movie at Night. Or may be evening show.:)

let us see what is in store for tomorrow .

P S - Another thing i hate is to pay for Net...have used to of having unlimited connectivity at IIFM :(

Thursday, April 14, 2005

हिन्दी मे लिखने का प्रयास

क़ाफी दिनो से हिन्दी मे लिखने का विचार कर रहा था....नया हिन्दी ब्लोग बनाने का भी इरादा है...पर आज सोचा कि पहले यही पर कोशिश करके देखा जाये...वैसे हिन्दी मे लिखना बदा मुश्किल है...पर यहा से ये काफी आसान हो जायेग... आगे आगे देखिये ...होता है क्या ?

Sunday, April 10, 2005

OT Decided.....

So.....the fate of next two months(that is summers) was decided yesterday night....Will be doing a project under SPWD(Society For the Promotion Of Wasteland Development).
The project is on finding markets for some NTFPs and is based in MP only...but will have to report their Delhi Office First.
Getting a Stipend of Rs.4000/- per month :) (that will be my first real earning) + 3000 p.m. as accomodation allowances + AC II class train fare + other incidental expenses. Thats not bad... ;)
Anyway...for now, the biggest pain is End Terms which are starting from tomorrow and i dont know even a damn thing in any subject....Will have to do some real work to get marks in these exams....And for now...writing in Hindi is also postponed till dont know when....

Monday, April 04, 2005

Enjoying Reading Hindi Blogs....

Though nowadays i m deep immersed in assignments...i m addicted to reading hindi blogs.I did not knew that there are so many people writing in hindi over Web....& how cool they write....Some blogs are simply great!!!reading a lot of poems and the good thing is most of them have a desi hindi touch which cannot be found in books.
I m also planning to start a hindi blog very soon...but may be after term exmas......
Links to many Hindi Blogs can be found here.