Friday, January 28, 2005

Not Much Intresting

I have not written anything here since 2-3 days.Cudn't find anything intresting to write.Republic day went on as usual. Flag Hoisting, Director's Message(4-P Theory), some songs etc.....These holidays spoil whole schedule of life. Since last 10 days some day i wake up at 10 in morning,then on another , when class is there, i have to some how get up at 8-8:15. Even missed 2 classes on Monday.I really cant controll my sleep.Work load was not much this week...neither much assignments, but it will not be the same next week. & KALPTARU is also coming (just one week in between).
I m not getting any good book to read.Planning to read Da'Vinci Code.Let us see what constructive i can do in this weekend.(i m not very hopeful).

P.S. - Today there was a Case Discussion in Marketing Class on the growth of Motorcycle Market in last decade in India & how it cannablized the Scooter market share.My point was (i did not mentioned it to Prof. but to friends at Backbeches), Imagine "Dhoom" replacing Bikes by Scooters in it.(I believe John Abraham will be replaced by Farooq Shekh & Isha Deol by Deepti Naval).

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Lucky OR Unlucky ?

I was just thinking of, how lucky & unlucky I m to be living in this era .....Some observations:
  • I m always connected to world, be it my parents or brother or friends or anybody for that matter thru one or all of mobile, net, telephone etc.( my parents waited for 6 years to get a telephone connection)
  • I have access to unlimited number of opportunities in various field which i could not have thought of if i had born 20 years earlier.
  • Computer & Net r really blessings.they have improved a lot in services, produtcs, information and many other sectors.Net has given real freedom of expression & information sharing.I can write whatever i want & share it with others.
  • There r 'n' number of entertainment options available to me.
  • Transport facilities has improved a lot in last 2-3 deacdes.... but so has population & pollution.
  • No place is safe.I can be attacked anywhere by some terrorist, samshed in some roads or train or plane accident or just can be caught by any new diseases, cure of which has not been found yet.
  • There is no privacy.Big Brother(or someone else) is always watching.(Ask Shahid - Kareena).
  • With refernce to no.2 in 'Lucky' column...though there r 'n' number of opportunities..there is no security of job and livelihood.
  • I m loaded with information which is of no use to me.
  • The world has become more cruel.There is no roof for emotions but only selfishness prevails(in most of the cases).
& Some Future Predictions:
  • It may be possible that i may have to leave my beloved earth & shift to some other planet after some years.Land rate on moon may increase.
  • There may be a good business scope of Oxygen Bars & Fresh Water(or a substitute of it) pills(in condensed form).
  • Main characters of Juarrasic Park Part 9,10,& 11 willl be Tiger, Lion & Elephents.

Suggestions for additions to these lists are welcome.

Monday, January 24, 2005


Never Ask ,
A Woman.....Her Age,
A Man..........His Salary &

A Student.....His Grades!!!!!

Tum Aur Main

I got this Poem in my mailbox.It is too hilarious.But U must know Hindi to enjoy it.


mushkil hai apna mel priye, ye pyar nahin hai khel priye,
mushkil hai apna mel priye, ye pyar nahin hai khelpriye,

tum MA 1st division ho, main hua matric fel priye,
mushkil hai apna mel priye, ye pyar nahin hai khelpriye,

tum fauji afsar ki beti, main to kisaan ka beta hoon,
tum rabadi kheer malai ho, main to sattu sapreta hoon,
tum AC ghar mein rahti ho, main ped ke neeche letahoon,
tum nai maruti lagti ho, main scooter lamreta hoon,
is kadar agar hum chup-chup kar aapas me prem badhaenge,
to ek roz tere daddy amrish puri ban jaaenge,
sab haddi pasli tod mujhe bhijwaa denge vo jail priye,

mushkil hai apna mel priye, ye pyar nahin hai khelpriye,

tum arab desh kee ghodi ho, main hoon gadahe ki naal priye,
tum deewali ka bonus ho, main bhookho ki hadtaal priye,
tum heere jadi tashtari ho, main almunium ka thaal priye,
tum chicken-soop biryani ho, main kankad waali daal priye,
tum hiran-chaokadi bharti ho, main hoon kachue kichaal priye,
tum chandan-wan ki lakdi ho, main hoon babool ki chaal priye,
main pake aam sa latka hoon, mat maaro mujhe gulel priye,

mushkil hai apna mel priye, ye pyar nahin hai khel priye,

main shani-dev jaisa kuroop, tum komal kanchan kayaho,
main tan-se man-se kanshi ram, tum maha chanchala mayaho,
tum nirmal paawan ganga ho, main jalta hua patanga hoon,
tum raaj ghaat ka shanti march, main hindu-muslim danga hoon,
tum ho poonam ka taajmahal, main kaali gufa ajanta ki,
tum ho vardaan vidhata ka, main galti hoon bhagvanta ki,
tum jet vimaan ki shobha ho, main bus ki thelam-thel priye,

mushkil hai apna mel priye, ye pyar nahin hai khel priye,

tum nai videshi mixi ho, main patthar ka silbatta hoon,
tum AK-saintalis jaisi, main to ik desi katta hoon,
tum chatur rabadi devi si, main bhola-bhala lalu hoon,
tum mukt sherni jangal ki, main chidiyaghar ka bhaalu hoon,
tum vyast sonia gandhi si, main v.p.singh sa khali hoon,
tum hansi madhuri dixit ki, main policeman ki gaali hoon,
kal jel agar ho jaaye to dilwa dena tum bel priye,

mushkil hai apna mel priye, ye pyar nahin hai khel priye,

main dhabe ke dhaanche jaisa, tum paanch sitara hotel ho,
main mahue ka desi tharra, tum red-label ki botel ho,
tum chitra-haar ka madhur geet, main krishi-darshan ki jhaadi hoon,
tum vishva-sundari si kamaal, main teliya chaap kabadi hoon,
tum sony ka mobile ho, main telephone waala chonga,
tum machli maansarovar ki, main saagar tat ka hoon ghongha,
dus manzil se gir jaaooga, mat aage mujhe dhakel priye,

mushkil hai apna mel priye, ye pyar nahin hai khel priye,

tum satta ki maharani ho, main vipaksha ki lachari hoon,
tum ho mamta-jailalita si, main kwara atal-bihari hoon,
tum tendulkar ka shatak priye, main follow on ki paari hoon,
tum getz, matiz, corolla ho main Leyland ki lorry hoon,
mujhko refree hi rehne do, mat khelo mujhse khel priye,

mushkil hai apna mel priye, ye pyar nahin hai khel priye,

main soch raha ki rahe hain kabse, shrota mujhko jhel priye,
mushkil hai apna mel priye, ye pyar nahin hai khel priye.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


It is holiday since Friday.Friday was for Id & Sat & Sun as usual weekend.In weekdays , i always dream of weekend, & this one brought one additional holiday but now i m bored.I m bored because i m not doing anything. it is not that i had nothing to do.I Could have done a lot of thing in last 48 hours, i could have started some of assignments, could have gone thru last week's classes, other then studies.., could have finished a book or two, could have washed my cloths & arranged my table, could have gone to meet Om Bhaiya n Bhabhi....& the list goes on.I can count many more things but that will not help.What i did all was, watched around 4-5 movies & read arnd 45 pages of "Life Of Pi".So Sad.
Why does it always happens that my all assignments r finished just minutes before deadlines ?(Japanese call it Just In Time Approach,& so I, Very proudly).Why i m so careless abt all these things?
This is not the first time i m thinking over this issue but i think if i m like this, i will be like this only. OR can i change? If i look over last 5-6 years i have changed a lot of my habits but those were minor issues.This one needs a complete change in presonality.

If anyone can suggest me something....u r welcome.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Is It Possible?

Can there be a time, when Robot will be as common & household a thing as personal computers are today? Can there be a time when human beings might have to face a revolt by machine due to unfair treatment & attitude of human being towards them.& above all , is there a possibility , that future machines(robots in perticular) might have emotions.
There are numerous sci-fi movies on all thses concepts & latest in this row is I-ROBOT.
I saw the movie today. Set in 2035, it really made me to think over all these points. After all , nobody had thought of so profound use of computers just 20 years ago & Internet even did not existed, except in some labs, but they r reality today.
Can a robot feel emotions like anger, fear or trust?What happens if some fine day,I wake up to know that the machine which used to serve me till yesterday without asking or questioning starts talking abt its rights?(or do machines have rights?)Will we be able to fight them or manage them if they go out of control?
Only time will answer all these questions but one thing is sure that whatever happens, MAN have the capability to go along the situation, survive under drastic circumstances or rather fight them & HE(we) will find one way or another to come out of the problem.

Old Friends

Today i got a call from Reman. We were talking after almost 8-9 years.We were classmates in 9th & 10th but after that lost touch & got in touch just few months ago, thanx to Internet.
Really how exciting does it feels to talk with someone from our old times, remebering old times.
But what i was thinking is, why dont i fail to keep in touch with frineds or anybody else , once we r separated.Is that the problem only with me or the world is like that only.
I remember, when i was leaving Kerala that time, everyone made promises to everyone else that they will keep contact(even signed a lot of slam books), but never wrote to anybody, neither got any letter from anybody.
Involved so much in daily life that never bother to think abt those ,with whom i share many happy times.

Though times r changing & being in touch is much more easier now then what it was just 5 years ago,thanx to Net & Mobile, but the inner voice & will is much more necessary then anything else.

& now abt the chat i had with Reman,we both just talked abt old, times, friends, teachers.I think i can never forget Kerala, & I learnt a lot abt life in those two years i spent over there.
I really want to visit that place again and reinvent those times. Lets see , when i get a chance for that.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

My First Post

So i have created my blog finally.
i had thought(or say decided) to create it in September last year and kept on postponing for no reason & the D-day finally arrived today.
It simply shows how lazy i m(i know it since time immortal).
now i just hope and pray that i can continue it over a long period of time.