Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dilli Ki Garmi.....

I m in Hell..(sorry..Dellhi) since last 10-12 days.. & this has been nothing else except a good torture.Kya garmi hai bhai dilli me....bas Zinda hu is taraha...

Anyway the good thing is second last day of OT..havce prepared the draft report and also submitted...Presesntation is also ready & have to deliver it in evening tomorrow and after that, home frm night train...hoorraaayyy one week vacation :)

the problem is , these peopel have also invited of Board of Governers for our presentation and that makes me somewhat nervous...anyway...WILL BE FREE TOMORROW EVENING.

My hometown(Manohar thana) has got some rains and it will definitely be coller then Delhi(Or call it Hellhi)
So looking forward to one week of full masti.......

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bits and Pieces

I have not written anything over here since last don’t know how many days and I m itching to write my experiences of field visit. Was in Shedol from 18 may to 11 june and did not had proper net access there.Now i m in delhi and though have net connection here, But the time has not come yet. because still busy with preparation of report here in delhi.From here will go to home and there is no question of net availability there so it seems that regular upates here will start from 4th july only when I will be back in Bhopal.

Meanwhile…my last days in orissa were just great. I went to konark, puri and chilka…Roamed a lot on sea beaches, bowed in front of bhagwan Jagannath and in Chilka….the mouth where lake and sea joins each other were marvellous…Really enjoyed a lot. those details are also pending to be posted here.
Another thing is…my third term grades are out…and to my surprise…I performed better then my 2nd term…don’t know how it was possible but…really miracles do happen. I got 3.52/4.33 and though it is not very good I even did not expected that.. anyway GOD IS GRAET :)

Now…counting my days in delhi…I did not like this city a bit…don’t know why.. but this is not of my type…m staying here at room of one of my seniors(Goyal sir)…but he is also out of station and I really get bored..

Also the 3 hour up down bus journey from home to office to home is really tiresome feel completely exhausted when I reach back…anyway have to just spend 7-8 more days here…