Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Finishing OT 2...

On the verge of finishing Second Organisational Training here at SPWD's Udaipur office.Right now busy in making report and presentations....have to deliever one presentation day after tomorrow here at Udaipur and the next friday at Delhi Headquarter...and thats the END....have to reach IIFM by 5th, so a chance to spend at least one night at home, while returning.
Got a lot of sweet/bitter experiences and memories of the field visit...travelled more then 7000 kilometers across 6 states(Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Orissa, AP, CG and Guajarat) a lot to write here...though my much inclination nowadays is on my Hindi Blog (feel better to write in mother tounge)
Looking ahead at IIFM, it will be the last phase of IIFM stay(& probably the student life, dont know)...and the big big thing.....have to deal with placements as that is the ultimate thing...but anyway, the journey seems to be more important the the destination...because will anyhow reach there, if the journey was good, & till now, it indeed was...
The last two lines seemed to be a bit philosphical...actually I just finished reading The Alchemist for the second time.First time I read it was in March 2004...a lot has changed since that time , i just read it as a fiction, but this time, the outlook was a bit different...Seems, I myself have changed a lot during this period...will write more abt it later

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